Resilio 2.7.0 or 2.6.4 crashed on new win 10 installation

Henry 53

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i use resilio very long and installed it on my new computer. Added some shared folders from my local NAS and then resilio crashed. No message, no error, it disapears instantly. This happens not every time, but often. I reinstall it and added only one of my four folders. But it crashed sometimes again. I installed version 2.6.4 but with the some result, that it sometimes crashed after i try to open the window. I use the compatibiliy mode of win 10 and set it for resilio on win 8. It looks like this helps a little but, but the app is 100% stable. 

The PC Hardware (Ryzen 5 3600, SSD m2 for OS Win 10, shared folder on SATA SSD 500 GB) is brand new and i have no idear whats going on wrong :(

I installed resilio as normal app, no win service. 

Can someone help me or has a hint what i can change?






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I use Resilio on all my Windows 10 computers without problem, but is installed as service. Maybe test also the service, if runs. If yes, is maybe only a GUI problem with the Traytool you have not with the service installation. With that you have only the browser GUI.

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