Sort files/folders by added/changed date in WebUI.


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Hello everybody,

I just started using Resilio Sync and when doing some sync testing and stuff, I recognized that it's not possible to sort files/folders by anything in the WebUI pop up when opening a folder from the main UI. In the Android app it's possible and it just makes life that much easier when having selective sync folders. So I would very much like to see sorting by date added/changed in the WebUI popup. It would probably be nice to have more sorting options - like you have in the main WebUI page - but I guess having the option to sort by date added would be a nice start.

In case there's already a way to achive this and I just didn't find it, please let me know. 🙂



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That is possible. All you have to do is right-click in the row with the column labels. Then a window opens in which you can activate columns that you want to see. There are also 3 columns regarding dates and times. Choose what you want and click on the column you want to sort.

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That's for the main WebUI page, but when you click a selective sync folder, a popup is shown without any column labels. That's where I'd like to see sort options, so I can e.g. find the photos that were last uploaded (not only based on the filename).

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