Support of Fritz!OS would be awesome!


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Hi really love SYNC. It's so useful in my local network!

I have a qnap NAS but I'll get rid of it for some reasons. I do have a FritzBox with build in NAS, so it would be PERFECT to just use that with SYNC.

I know there is an option to connect a raspberry pi and a HDD. I would prefer to just plug in a USB stick to my FritzBox, install SYNC on Fritz!OS and am ready to go 🙂

Any chance this dream will come true in near future?


Thanks so much!


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As a user, I cannot imagine that there will be a special solution from Resilio for this. FritzOS is a Linux derivative and so maybe you can take one of the packages from Resilio and integrate it into FritzOS. There are also special forums and webpages, e.g., that deal with these topics and modding. You will surely have to experiment yourself.

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