Windows local network peers not visibile - solution


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must admit that i almost gave up on Resilio Sync, i wasn't able to get Sync to work without relay servers (think of speed) for few years, but recently this became deal breaker and i gave it last chance.

Sympoms: windows machine connected permanently to local network and notebooks connected by wifi => resilio sync peers not visible, or "randomly" syncing slow using relay

Checked/investigated: routers (icmp, ap isolation), extender, digged in resilio knowledge base, checked firewall settings for resilio (upnp enabled everywhere, ports open) everything setup the way it should work!

Then tried to ping devices between each other and found, that some of them cannot ping each under different conditions (wifi ap...), investigated firewall settings for these machines and then here it comes: you must enable ICMP4 for corresponding network/WIFI profile (private/public/domain) to make this work!

Cause: some of my devices have used for connection to my wifi different profiles (private/public/domain) and my desktop used public wifi profile (nobody knows why) which affects WINDOWS firewall settings.

Now it works like a charm! 

To make this work, it will still need some effort, but RS knowlegde base needs to be updated this way at least for Windows users.

1. check resilio sync settings (search lan enabled)

2. ping peers not visible to each other (ipconfig.exe, ping.exe), cannot ping one, you have found one you should focus on

3. check network connection profile (Windows - Settings - Network&Internet - Connection settings - profile), set private for localnetwork (for your home network etc)

4. run firewall config by Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security and then Firewall & network protection. Open Windows Security settings > Advanced

5. Allow icmp by enabling incomming rule "File and printer sharing (icmp4)" for private profile, follow step 6 in this guideline

Even for me, lets say experienced user, could this networking stuff be confusing, the more should resilio KB be treated/updated frequently.

Windows 10 Home/Pro, Sync 2.6.4/2.7


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Okay. Because some points are different to my Windows 10 Pro. I think, your instructions are in the Home Version or the Build is not the actual 1909.

I have the same effect, that Resilio doesnt find the internal LAN devices without Internet. This is not good.

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Hi Andy,
please be more specific, my machines have different Windows 10 licenses (Pro/Home) and different builds (1903-2004) and these instructions are in general valid to all of these versions.

To run network connections setup  and check connection profile type in search "explorer.exe ms-settings:network", then click on connection properties to change profile.

To run firewall settings type in search "wf.msc"

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