Sync no longer exists for FreeNAS?

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"Hey, why isn't my FreeNAS server showing up in Resilio?"

Well, that sent me on a sad rabbit trail... is it just gone forever (because FreeNAS is a "server")? As a long time paid Sync user (from Bittorrent days), I'm really disappointed that things seem to have just changed under my feet. I chose it because it was one-time vs subscription (and because I really liked the peer-to-peer idea). I guess I'll need to move over to SyncThing or something? I can't justify paying a subscription for a little home server for my family (not when there are other options).

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Resilio Sync has long been a plug-in for FreeNAS. It isn't any longer. Here are screenshots of where one would expect to see the plug in.



In the FreeNAS Reddit, this was noted: "The packages were broken / absent in upstream FreeBSD repo. That will need to be fixed at some point so we can re-enable it."

But it's been weeks and this hasn't been fixed, so this appears to be purposeful; if it is, then it _looks_ like this is related to the "servers" discussion that happened here in the forum.

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@papakpmartin FreeNAS most likely uses the FreeBSD repos upstream, and rslsync package is no longer available in those. You might be able to get it up and running manually using the binary available for direct download from the site. That's what I use on my FreeBSD 12.1 installation.

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