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Dear community,

Sync version is released and goes with the following changes and fixes:

- Listening port on Synology is forced to be 28889
- Use OpenSSL library for secure connections
- Change date format in Sync tooltip
- Fixed crash if there’s a peer with old Sync version in the mesh
- Fixed license not loading on start in some cases
- Fixed randomizing of listening port on Linux
- Still deprecated: support for WindowsServers for Sync Home Free and Pro

This version only by direct download links below or from site. It was not pushed to for 'Check now" or autoupdate. 

Please note the SmartScreen warning:

Full change log can be found here.

Direct Download Links:

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Thank you very much, I think it's good that we are getting shorter-term updates which considers all the bug fixes. Big praise for to you, Helen, and to all in your team for this great software.

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2 hours ago, Andy+ said:

Why that change?

Hi Andy,

Synology is doing a cleanup job in the way applications are using ports inside DSM and how it is reported to DSM OS itself, therefore Sync has to obey the rules :)

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So the modification from 28888 to 28889 is needed, if any conflicts arise? Because after updating from v2.7.0 to v2.7.1 the port 28888 still is setted. Doe you know, for what Synology needs the port 28888?

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Please, 3 things:

  • the current Android APP is v2.6.3 and doesnt fit this thread for the new v2.7.1 its in addition not for smartphones
  • open a extra thread for that, or search for an open one, which fits to the issue
  • a description of all: device, OS and version, in which way installed etc. etc.

All that helps to work on solutions.

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Hi Andy+,

I know you're always trying to help, but your information is sometimes unreliable.

If you look at the download links in this post, you'll see that there's even a link to Android app in Direct Download Links section, like this:

  • Android: arm  x86 (if not sure which cpu your device has, use arm)

If you download that you will see that it's version

I agree that the subject of the thread contains the word "Desktop", but it's a post about a new release with links to all versions. So I think my question fits in this thread just fine?

(By the way, the current Android app available in Google play is 2.6.4.)


Update: The Android version offered for download in the link really seems to be 2.6.3. And that might explain why it won't install over my already installed version 2.6.4. as it would be a downgrade. Sorry for confusion, my bad!

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Understood. I never try to install manually. But also I dont know, in which way the contractual things are working between Google and Resilio. For me the owner of the site on Google Play is Resilio:




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I also waiting for the newest version, I think is only Resilio give Google the new version to check and upload. But one thing is strange. v2.6.3 was released on 24.1.2019 and any update was done at Google, but not really uploaded:



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I have received this update to 2.6.4 in the last few days and installed it today. That's why I thought the link here points to a brand new 2.7.1, I was too excited. And I agree with you, I'm also eager to get a new version for Android.

This is what I see in Google Play and the screen from the app itself (attachments).

So it was obviously released less than ten days ago and I think Google Play (or Resilio) might be slowly rolling it to all users so they don't all get it at once?

There's not much new in the new app to see, but I hope there are bug fixes included. The "What's new" section in Google Play says only "Various fixes and improvements", no specifics.



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10 hours ago, Justin Black said:

If you want to use latest desktop computer then you shall think at first processor and mother board. Besides ,you also think RAM

In which relation is that?

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@Helen, Is it correct, the issue I reported (since 2.6.4) with TLS 1.2 is still not solved in this new release?

and is my observation correct: when I install a new release I lose my own defined certificate and reconfigure Resilio again in order to get my own certificate in place again?

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My feedback:

Upgraded main Windows sync from 2.6.3, was the fastest and easiest upgrade I've ever experienced with Resilio so far. I almost thought the install didn't happen but Resilio opened up and showed 2.7.1 version.  So far, only issue is that my local windows peer on the network is now showing up twice, as "Offline" and "Synced with".   The peer correctly shows only one instance name of my main windows box. I've reopened Resilio and same thing. Maybe it'll time out.


Upgraded my other windows sync box on the network. This time, I was prompted to set a default sync mode that I've NEVER seen before. Don't know why it showed up on the 2nd Windows upgrade but not on linux or my main windows box. Also, looks like the listening port changed from what it was previously set and had to set it back. I see a note in the release notes about it getting fixed on Linux from randomly changing, hopefully its also resolved on Windows.  I wonder if the port change explains the duplicate Offline/Synced with appearing on the other side.

Lastly, I saw a huge improvement from 100Mbps to 300Mbps receiving from a Centos 8 VPS after upgrading the linux side from 2.6.3 to 2.7.1. I hope that wasn't just a coincidence and I'll know next time I have a large transfer.

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@Andy+ @Miyo We are slowly rolling out 2.6.4 for Android to the store. You'll get it soon. If not yet there - ask me, I can share the APK. 

@Miyo Do I get it right that once you updated to 2.6.4 you no longer see the empty UI?

@Hans# Sorry, the fix is not yet there. For the installation - it depends on your environment. If you are running your Sync with config file and point to certificate file somewhere else - upgrade should not affect your setup.

@Timbo Thanks for the feedback. 

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Synology NAS user. 

Seems like upgrade from previous verion to 2.7.1, the webui port remain same, not changed to 28889. Probably the previous config file override the default change. Haven't tested to remove resiliosync for a brand new install. 

Although on Synology firewall i can see a new entry for resiliosync. 

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On 6/17/2020 at 3:07 PM, Helen said:

Android: arm  x86 (if not sure which cpu your device has, use arm)

Which version is that?


On 6/23/2020 at 4:45 PM, RomanZ said:

We are slowly rolling out 2.6.4 for Android to the store

Is the base also the "old" desktop v2.6.4 and why is not also v2.7.1?

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For the FreeBSD version I never get notified of the latest release even though I have "[x] Always check for updates for this version".  Is there a  bug or something ? How can I get notified when there's a new release? Given that I've paid for it, it would be cool if I got an email or something.


Update: I just saw this



This version only by direct download links below or from site. It was not pushed to for 'Check now" or autoupdate. 

But I've never been notified. And out of curiosity, how am I supposed to find out about these updates that aren't pushed to check now, and why are some not pushed ?

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On 6/29/2020 at 9:35 AM, Daria said:

The issue that you encountered has been considered as bug that will be fixed in 2.7.2.

Here is what you can do to upgrade  to 2.7.1:
1. Stop Resilio Sync Service via Services;
2. Right-click on "Resilio Sync Service" in Services - in "Path to executable" you should see path to exe file: "C:\ProgramData\Resilio Sync Service\Resilio Sync.exe".
3. Rename previously downloaded installer for 2.7.1 to Resilio Sync.exe and move it to "C:\ProgramData\Resilio Sync Service", replacing previous "Resilio Sync.exe" file;
4. Start Resilio Sync Service again.


When can we expect v2.7.2?

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I've had numerous issues with 2.7.1, including this one:


The only solution I found was downgrading to 2.7.0.

My problems started with a database error. I removed and added back the folder in question, but never would finish on all machines. 


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