Continuing problems with ShellExtIO.log

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I still have this appalling bug with BitTorrent Sync / Resilo Sync writing un-deleteable GB-size ShellExtIO.log files to my HD, with constant kbps disk usage, even months after uninstall.


There are several threads on this topic:


I have two ShellExtIO.log logs being written, in

C:\Users\<my user>\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync
C:\Users\<my user>\AppData\Roaming\Resilo Sync


I've tried the following recommended steps found in those threads:


1. Open command line prompt, navigate to the "C:\ProgramData\BitTorrent Sync" and find 2 DLLs there: ShellExtensionOverlay64_xxxx.dll and ShellExtensionOverlay86_xxxx.dll, where xxxx could be random alphanumeric value
2. Run 2 commands: regsvr32 -u <DLL_NAME>
3. Restart explorer or computer and let me know if it helps.



Check registry, delete everything BitTorrent Sync related from 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BitTorrent Sync

I furthermore unregistered two more DLLs within the AppData\Roaming folders.

These steps did not fix the problem.

This allowed me to delete at least one of the logfiles (in Resilo Sync folder). The other one I still couldn't delete.

As soon as I deleted it, it came back and started growing in size anyway.


Please advise any further steps possible here. This is a serious, malware-level bug that must be harming thousands of users.

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Okay, I spoke a bit too soon. I think I've just found a solution.

After taking the above steps, then based on this StackOverflow post, I was able to use the program ShExView to disable all Resilo Sync and BT Sync related shell extensions.

After a restart, I was able to delete the files and the shell extensions seem to have successfully being blocked from starting up and writing more logs.


I would seriously suggest a sticky thread on this topic that summarises the solutions, so people like me don't need to spend hours on their day off trawling through 5 different forum threads and websites to figure this out. And of course, this solution only works for those who have uninstalled the App, so you may want to also present a solution for users who are still using it... FYI I'm sorry to say that this bug was the reason that I stopped using the app on this and other non-windows devices.


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I actually successfully (kind of) disabled log files by doing these hacks:

  • stop resilio sync client;
  • go to "%appdata%\resilio sync", remove *.log;
  • create 3 directories: ShellExtIO.log, sync.log, ShellExtCM.log, then from these directories "Properties/Security", change their permissions to all "Deny" for all user group.
  • start resilio sync client.

I end up having 3 empty directories... at least not the huge log files.

I also had .sync/sync.log soft linked to /dev/null on Linux systems.

By the way, I hate constant logging too. resilio sync client should've offered user options so we can totally disable logging.

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