Problems installing on Raspberry Pi 4


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Hi.  Is there an up-to-date guide to installing Resilio Sync on Raspbian?  All the guides I've come across seem to be out of date.

Installing via apt-get doesn't work, and when installing via the .deb package download, it never starts automatically.  I can only start it using the rslsync command using sudo, which means all the files it writes are owned by root, which is not what I want.  And if I start it using the systemctl command, it makes its own user account and can only access directories owned by that user.  I just want it to work from my main user account, so I can access the files that it's syncing without messing around with different logins.  Is that not possible?


Edit: Thanks for approving my post but I've since figured out what I was doing wrong.  I managed to miss the whole section of the guide about starting the service and using group permissions.  It's been working like a dream for weeks - Pro was the best purchase I've made in a long time :)

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