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Allegedly the Sync engine is the same as Connect. However, one has v2.7.2 and the other has v2.12.2. The situation is just unclear about the updates. I can understand that Resilio also has to make money. But there are also license users at Sync and not just free users.

Nobody expresses itself openly. It always just means that the capacities etc. are limited and something like that. I understand, but that's the case in every company. However, the fact that users migrate, preferably to Syncthing, is probably accepted.

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I am a licensed user and am now in the process of uninstalling Sync Home Pro from my computers.  It is obvious that this is now abandoned software - not upgraded for more than a year, and for a Mac user, I cannot wait anymore to upgrade to the newest MacOs version.  The complete silence in this forum from the company speaks for itself.

In spite of that I wish the company the best of luck - and I hope that they will succeed and continue developing the software again - because I still think this is a good solid idea for sharing data between computers.


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i'm running Sync Home Pro on MacOS Monterey without a problem. yes, the software hasn't been upgraded in a while...but to be fair is working (at least for me) without issues. not working for the company of trying to make you stay, just curious: any specific problems that made you move away from Sync Home Pro? 

keep seeing references to Syncthing. i looked into it and, for me, the showstopper is that they don't support selective sync. based on the couple of feature requests that people have opened for Syncthing to support selective sync...seems that the maintainers don't really understand why one wants something like that and they pretty much flatly said they won't implement it. again, show stopper for ME, doesn't mean is not a good solution for others

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Resilio is software that is at the forefront. There is still no doubt about that. It has great features that others don't. Such important features as selective sync or local sync can also be done with Syncthing. That is not implemented there, everything is correct, but it can be done without detours.

The dilemma is elsewhere. It's not just the fact that users always want something new, for which updates are sufficient. The background to updates is very factual.

Expressed clearly. I also like to go retro and install old operating systems in a VM from time to time. When I try to install new software on it, it rarely works or it doesn't work properly. Conversely, if I want to install old software on a new operating system, I am lucky when it runs and even more lucky when it runs continuously without errors.

This is also the case with Resilio. The software, as good as it is, has its bugs. In addition, the surrounding operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS are constantly updated. Adjustments are being implemented so that the errors will increase with Resilio, which can already be seen. As an attentive reader of the forum, something like this cannot be overlooked.

It's a shame that other software will or has already expired. Using the example of Syncthing. This is already so process-reliable that it no longer needs to be observed. Syncthing has definitely reached Resilio's level.

What Resilio does in the commercial sector is one thing. However, these customers will not advertise software the way communities do. Microsoft already knew how to make excellent use of this. We all know what became of Microsoft.

And something like that is syncthing. Not that important, but the software is spreading all the time. The supporters take care of them, updates appear on a monthly basis, which gives the users a good feeling.

So why are license users moving from Resilio to Syncthing?

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