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It appears that lines beginning with "#" would be skipped when parsing the IgnoreList, since at the top we have lines like

# IgnoreList is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules
# for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols.

But, in the default IgnoreList for new folders, these 3 lines also exist (seems related to Synology Drive app):


I am assuming that this is either a mistake, or somehow this isn't working because I guess these lines would be "ignored by the IgnoreList itself" 🤔

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It's actually not all that unusual. I've seen that syntax used in code (C or ObjectiveC? I'm not sure) for things like `#include` and `#define`.

That's what made me think it might be the same here.

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In the Linux world it is standard that script lines with # at the beginning is a character for commenting out. Everything that follows a # is at most a comment, nothing else. And it doesn't matter whether there is a space after it or not. Sometimes // are also used, but this is not common.

# are not errors, but give the user the choice, e.g. activate or deactivate a parameter etc.

More about the IgnoreList here


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