Resilio on QNAP Firmware 4.5.1 "There is no digital signiture"

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Ok so this sux...

Upgraded to the latest versionof QTS last night and Resilio will not start. Even updated to the latest version and set the "all installation of aplications without a valid digital signiture" set too.

Only option given is to remove Resilio.



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I have the same problem.

I use the qpkg file from your web site.


After upgrade to qts, sync can run again.

But qts will stop sync every day, I have to manually start sync every day.


This is what I find in the log:

資訊    2020-10-27    09:26:46    admin    App Center    App Status Change    [App Center] Started ResilioSync.
錯誤    2020-10-28    07:50:02    System    App Center    App Installation    [App Center] ResilioSync has an invalid digital signature. The app has stopped and cannot be installed on QTS. You can remove it in the App Center.
資訊    2020-10-28    07:50:05    System    App Center    App Status Change    [App Center] Stopped ResilioSync.
資訊    2020-10-28    10:31:01    admin    App Center    App Status Change    [App Center] Started ResilioSync.

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Just found out there is an option to install app without signature. hero 4.5.0/en/GUID-FF49B7EE-E26C-4C8D-B7F7-F606478CF272.html

I don't know if it can solve the problem.


QNAP customer service says they only guarantee 3rd party app's installation and removal. Other problem will need your help to solve.

"有關您後續所再諮詢的問題,很抱歉 - 由於第三方開放源應用程式 Resilio Sync, QNAP僅能確保該軟體於QNAP NAS平台上能正常安裝及移除,關於該軟體相關詳細設定及使用上的問題,需請您自行與該軟體開發商或其論壇上尋求協助。"

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