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Since you are talking about migration, it indicates that you want to install the HDDs from the previous one in the new DS. Or what do you mean by HDD switching?

If that were the case, you would have to install the appropriate APP in the new DS1621+. However, a new identity will probably also be created and it is to be expected that all settings will have to be recreated.

Do you have the free or pro version? How many peers do you have?

You could also write down the keys and use them again later to get the peers working again.

However ===>> currently there is still no app from Resilio for the DS1621+ and when such updates are coming, you can only ask Resilio or if need now in these days you also can use a alternative solution.

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Okay, that's pretty straightforward. To what extent do you use Resilio, or on what types of devices and how many? Unfortunately, Resilio has become very sluggish with updates over the past 2-3 years. When is the latest you want to change?

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The most common files are documents, videos and photos.

I sync accross android and windows peers. I didnt buy the 1621+ yet, the 1512+ works really well since almost 9 years, but became a little bit slow now.

But when final time for change comes, i will write down all permission keys to be sure.

Alternative solution is Synology Drive, works well on windows and syncing to another nas, but the android version isnt that good and does not sync at all.

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Resilio is really very good. What bothers me, however, are the meanwhile very long update cycles, although there are still various minor bugs in the software. There are too few staff there to fix it more consistently. It's really a shame.

As an alternative, you should check out Syncthing. The software is roughly comparable to the free version of Resilio. Both, Resilio and Syncthing have their focus and small advantages. I use both, in the meantime more Syncthing. Synology Drive is for syncs no alternate.

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