Pi Zero W Raspbian Buster : "Not enough free space"

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I'm running Resilio Sync (pro license) just fine on a bunch of stuff

  • Via the "jail" plugin on my FreeNAS (11.2)
  • 6 x installs on Ubuntu 20.04 (Intel and AMD and laptops and desktops)
  • 4 x installs on Raspbian Buster on RPi 3 and 4B (running either armhf or aarch64)
  • 1 x install on Armbian (Xenial) on an Orange Pi+ 2E
  • 2 x install on Debian Jessie on NTC CHIP (including PocketCHIP)
  • 1 x install on Windows 10 "corporate" laptop

But I'm stumped if I can get it working on Raspbian Buster on a Pi Zero W...  

First snag I hit was the binary / systemd backend wouldn't even start (issue with binary "rslsync") - so I did the workaround (got the armhf tar file and cp'd the binary to /usr/bin/rslsync).  That got me over one hurdle.

But now EVERY time I try to setup a sync folder - I get status "Not enough free space on the drive."  - I've got a sh!tload of free space, it's headless debian on a 128 GB SDcard!  I've seen (via google-fu) other uses have the same problem on Raspbian (some on Zero, some on 3B board), but this ONLY happens to me on Raspbian buster armhf running on Pi Zero W (I've gone the whole route of flashing a new image twice now - and hit the same wall).  This is my first Pi Zero board...

Anyone know a fix for this?

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May be this helps


On 11/9/2020 at 10:06 AM, Daria said:



Please set disk_min_free_space parameter to 0 in Power user preferences (Preferences > Advanced > Open power user preferences). Restart Sync to apply the change.


1 hour ago, manudoteu said:

In fact, I have the same problem about running low on space, whereas it is not the case.

And disk_min_free_space is already set to 0 in my configuration. But I don't find any disk_check_free_space  in the settings.


So, it would be good to check the above parameters or to run really with default settings.

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2 hours ago, Rmv said:

The problem seems to be solved for me by following the instructions from Daria set disk_min_free_space parameter to (by default 0.0). Thanks a lot.


Maybe this helps.

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