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Dear Community! Dear Team!

Long time no see - Resilio Sync worked perfectly on my iPhone, I could not want anything more, but here is a small "but" that I have encountered recently:

I had to reset my iPhone again (using the iTunes encrypted backup, but that should be the same for all backup methods), and I have to admit that Sync handles this very poorly. What happens is that all the data including the identity is just gone, and the app is in a broken state after the restore (you have to delete it and reinstall it in order to get it working again (or delete the identity)). AFAIK, fixing this should be trivial, here are some possibilities that would make more sense to me:

- Reset the App to the original state (I would not like that)

- keep the identity and the folder keys stored in the backup, but not the files, Sync would start to download the files again, this would make much more sense

- give the user an option to also store the files in the backup (Some apps like Downcast can do this). I would love that.

I hope that you are well, considering the circumstances,

yours faithfully,


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