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When I try to sync a locked file (e.g. a document being opened by ms word) I see a triangle in the 'folder' view. Clicking on that triangle further shows me the kind of problem like 'no permissions to acces the x file' - with the option 'Ignore' or 'Ignore all'. After clicking 'Ignore all' the triangle and the message shows up only in history if I filter with 'warnings', but not anymore in the 'folder' view.
So my question is: How can I reset / undo this behavior to be again notified in the 'folder' view?
I am using version 2.7.2 (1375)


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What happen, If you close and reopen the same file?

If not appear the same Message for that file but for each other and If no auto reset is implemented, no reset is possible.

Finally from time to time and If all synced, I stop Resilio and delete on all devices the database for a reorganisation. Its a good way for some difficult cases.

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When I close and reopen the file the situation remains the same: The warning triangle is only visible in the 'history', not in the 'folder' view.
The information about this behavior is being stored in the sync.dat, I have not yet figured out how.

The rebuilding of the database is a good hint that I did not know, even though it does not solve my problem.


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Maybe give your file a other name... 😉
I never use such Ignore functions, since Resilio have no reset tools for the different issues I can use for such different remarks.

Also If you reconnect a device, you have that twice in the device list. The old one to delete is also not possible. Its a similar problem for me.

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Finally my solution, it took me quite a while ...

  • Find out the corresponding DB name (the file .sync\ID contains this name as hex value)
  • Close Resilio sync (be sure - in windows resilio may remain in the tray icon and has to be closed by the context menu)
  • Backup the sync.dat (e.g. copy as sync.dat.SAVE)
  • Open the sync.dat with an BEncode editor (in the following I use torrent-file-editor). Switch to the 'tree' view.
    • Remove entry '.fileguard'
    • Select the correct folder (check the DB name: folders > #Index > fc > db_name)
    • Remove under 'errors' the entry 'dictionary' ['Wörterbuch'] ('errors' will remain as an empty list)
  • Save (select encoding of the original file first ['Kodierung']) (in my case 'windows-1252')

Done. After Restart of Resilio for locked files the triangle is visible again in the folder view.

Resilio Undo Ignore All (Mittel).png

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