How to ignore files without an extension?


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On one of my computers that I sync with, I an getting a few files that have no extension that are throwing a cannot sync error.  I believe these to be a temp file and are just getting stuck in the system.  How would one add files without extensions to the ignore list?  Would the syntax be  " ?. "  

Or is it something else.  This computer also just had a fresh install of Sync but the folders and .sync folders were existing.



Screenshot 2020-12-01 092333.jpg

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I have seen the documentation, but I could not rationalize the syntax for a file with no extension.  

I will play with your suggestions.  I did not think to check if all those files had the same number of characters.  Currently I am playing with touching the folders hard (renaming folders and naming them back).  It seems to have cleared the errors.  Time will tell if it sticks.  


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