Big Sur crashes and memory leak (?)


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On Big Sur, I'm finding I return to my computer to find a "Resilio Sync unexpectedly quit" notice up.  Also Sync is using consistently at least 600MB of memory, and sometimes higher, and often 20+% CPU, to sit idle.  (Mid-spec iMac 2017.)  No issues with Mojave.

What can I do to troubleshoot this?

(Bonus question: With no updates or signs of life from the company in months, in the middle of an Apple architecture transition, and when millions are relying on remote file sharing more than ever... is Resilio Sync dead and should I look for an alternative?)

Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 09.10.13.jpg

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I have been having a lot of problems too since the upgrade to Big Sur and to my shock and horror found my recently restarted (a few hours ago) iMac Pro coming up with:



5 gb of memory? Say it ain't so! This is with a decent number of shares but very little change across these shares (potentially ZERO change).


I also notice the following:


Should this be listed twice? This may be fine but for a finder extension I'd expect a lot less memory and only a single process.

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I restarted Sync on my iMac and got this:



I also looked on my laptop (MBP) and while not quite as bad it is almost as bad. It too is on BigSur. I had a friend who was _not_ on BigSur look to see how much memory he was using and it was only at 550mb. Not sure how the "number of shares" effects memory but I do have a lot of shares. @Cai how many shares do you have? I mean shared folders. The number of other clients in my situation is not that large but I have roughly 30-40 folders i'm sharing. Note that the above memory footprint was after fully shutting down Resilio and waiting for it's memory to be returned to the OS before starting and as this graph shows I've done zero on the network since then:



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I totally agree. It’s a really solid and well-designed piece of software, and these issues are just due to the change in OS environment. But for people to keep using it, it has to be maintained, and it doesn’t really look like it is being at the moment.

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@elg Resilio hasn't had an update since my original post (or a very long time before that — the product seems abandoned?). I don't have the very latest patch to Big Sur, but based on my experience with 11.2 the problem remains, though anecdotally CPU usage returns to 0 when Resilio is idle with no changes for a long time (days).  I've not recently seen it peak up to the massive 6GB memory I've seen previously, but it hovers at around 600–700MB when idle.

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Well that does not sound promising at all.

Can anyone recommend any decent alternatives ?

(ideally suitable for the non-tech savvy amongst us - I tried SyncThing and gave up very quickly. Had no idea what I was supposed to be doing or even how to get the basics to work)

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@elg I would say that depending on your use case and hardware, Resilio Sync may still be the best option for you. I'm running a relatively modest sync setup (~10 folders, ~10 GB, ~5 peers) on 5-year-old hardware on Big Sur, and while it does get in the way when I'm doing something else super processor/memory intensive, I don't have issues day-to-day.  I don't know if the present issue gets worse with larger or more demanding setups. However, I do fear for the future of the product if data/shares get larger over time and performance gets worse. There are already things I'd like to do with Resilio (e.g. sync large photo libraries between laptop and home server) which I won't try because I can't spare the idle resources.

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