Only remove files (not directory structure) for "Remove from this device"


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I would love for this to be an option (default if possible) so that I can still explore folders & sub folders even when I don't have all the files locally. For example, with photo management I think this would be really helpful.  I organize my photos by year for example. I may not need older folders locally, but it would be nice if I can go into the folder and see what would be there. This would also allow me to sync specific files without syncing the entire folder. Currently when I click "Remove from this device" on a folder with subfolders that folder turns into and RSLS and I can't see an sub-folders or files within.

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I'd love to see this too. Other on-demand syncing implementations (OneDrive, Google Drive etc) have this. Not having the folder structure obfuscates the shared drive structure, and it's really difficult to work with. Especially when you have less tech oriented people who don't understand how the Resilio works, they complain that files have gone missing (as folders disappear)

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