Problems with WSL2 on Windows 10?


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I've been running a licensed version Resilio Sync happily on my Windows 10 Pro machine. I recently successfully installed Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2), and then Ubuntu 20.04. It runs very well. I am running RStudio Server on this machine to allow me to access remote computing resources.

One thing that's very attractive about WSL2 is that it allows read/write access to the Windows file system (ie, /mnt/d/Work/). The folder I am interested in having Linux have access to is synchronized with Resilio Sync. The idea being that if I change a file in Linux, it is immediately reflected on the machine running Windows and WSL2, and of course all of my connected Windows machines. I don't want to bother with running Sync under Linux since I don't want to have two identical folder structures on the same machine if I can avoid it.

I tried saving a modified file in Linux, and indeed I saw it was immediately changed in the filesystem, and Windows saw the changes. Great. But later on I noticed a database error in that shared folder on the computer with WSL2. I can't remember the last time I saw a database error. Luckily the problem was fixed by disconnecting the folder and reconnecting. I'm wondering if there's something about WSL2 that, when accessing files through /mnt/, corrupts the database in this way.

However, later I saved another modified file, and no such problem recurred. So maybe I was doing something else that caused this, or perhaps it was just a coincidence. In any case, I wanted to check to see if anyone had experience with using Sync in this fashion with WSL2.


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