Can I move Sync instance in docker container from one computer to another?


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I'm working on my backup system based on Resilio Sync and I want to make sure, that my scenario will work in case of disaster. Let's imagine certain scenario:

* I have machine "A" with Resilio Sync installed as docker container with /sync /config /download mapped to the host's filesystem

* I have machine "B" with only encrypted keys exchanged as a safe off site backup.

* I have machine "Z" that stores bakup of /sync and /config folders from Resilio Instance on machine "A"

Now, let's imagine, that disaster came and machine "A" is dead. I cannot retrieve data, because machine "B" only holds encrypted keys. Is it possible to restore /sync and /config data from "Z" machine on new computer, rerun container, download and decrypt data from "B" machine? Is there a chance that id of peer from machine "A" will be not valid anymore? 

I hope, that you understand what I mean, because it seems like encrypted node doesn't make much sense once other nodes with read and write permissions are dead.

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