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I have two ASUSTOR NAS devices with Resilio Sync running. On the destination NAS, I had to expand the volume with larger drives and the sync was paused for a few weeks. I restarted the sync and it had issues. I setup the scan again from scratch and it appeared to work. But now it appears that only a couple of sub-folders are syncing. Is the fix here to delete the sync and start over? Do I have to delete the destination folders to get everything to sync? There are thousands of files that need to be redone. 

Thank you for any advice.

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I have had this problem since the 2.7.2 release and there are at least several other posts regarding the same issue.  In all fairness I have not contacted support, but I did at one point wipe both machines, install Windows 10 and Resilio from scratch, and reconnect all my folders in one direction. The problem persists.  The best I can suggest, which I haven't tried, is to go back to the previous build which was suggested in one of the posts along with links to download old versions.  Apparently this isn't important enough for them to release an update in the last 9 or so months. >.<

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