no web ui with resilio ubuntu

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same issue here with resilio on qnap nas (os version

The sync is working but impossible to login to the webUI.

I have tried to change the port number in the config file without any success. (even after restarting the process, and the NAS).



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I have quite a similiar problem.

I have resilio running for years on 2-3 Windows PCs an a QNAP-NAS TS-253 A. It was running (almost) properly for years. Since a few weeks/months, I recognized that resilio on NAS isn't syncing anymore. I wasn't able to open the GUI at all. I tried to deinstall and reinstall it (package from qnap-store). At first I could open the GUI on newly installed resilio package, but at this step, it interrupted. I tried it for 3-4 times now. Installed the new QTS (4.5.3). Always the same problem.


Help needed!

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I am having the same problem on Ubuntu 20.04. It behaves as if I entered the wrong credentials. Reinstalled several times. However, on the last reinstall I even removed the password and it still won't let me in after the initial setup. Please address this issue.

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