Running Sync on a Linux server

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I installed Sync on a server and now I have problems to configure it without a GUI.

My main problem is how I can add my license and how I can add an existing folder

I found this sample config file  here for running Sync in configuration mode and I'm wondering if the secret of a shared folder is where I have to enter the key of the folder I want to add.

What I don't see in the config file is a setting to add my license.

Every push in the right direction is much appreciated!

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I assume you mean a Linux server.

I also tried long time ago, and I remember that a GUI is there through your browser. Just go to https://<your_server_ip>:xxxxx with your browser and you are ready.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the port number represented with xxxxx in the link above. Just have a look into documentation.

Furthermore, don't forget to open appropriate ports in your firewall.

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1 minute ago, stefanfrede said:

Sadly this is not working.

I also tried to setup nginx but this also did not work.

This is why I try to configure it without a GUI.

And yes, it is a Linux server.

I can oly confirm that I run it, long time ago, on a CentOS server, so I'm sure it can run, smoothly, with a browser-based GUI. Unfortunately, I don't remember more details, but maybe some othe user will help you further.

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  • stefanfrede changed the title to Running Sync on a Linux server
10 minutes ago, stefanfrede said:

And yes, it is a Linux server.

Addendum: I run Resilio Sync daily on 3 different Syology NAS. As you know, Synology NAS work on a (and is) a Linux OS that act as file server.

This is another confirm that it can run a Linux server, with browser based GUI, without issues.

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