service files missing - fresh installation

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I have had to rebuild this laptop , reinstalled windows 10 and then Resilio Sync running as a service under a local admin

I have 3 "users" and under the admin account I have added the keys and linked to the directories - for each users there is a link to c:\users\<user>\documents and c:\users\<user>\pictures and the admin account has full access (and the Administrators group is set as the Owner)

so i have 6 folders syncing

For some reason the pictures folders will suddenly give me a "service files missing" and sure enough, the .sync folder is missing.

I remove the folder, relink using a key and then to the relevant "pictures" folder, it will resync and the .sync folder is there and then after a short period of time I will get the error again

I have no idea why and it is not happening to the "documents" folder.  I know this config works as it is on 4 other laptops and was the same on this laptop until I had to rebuild it

Anyone got any ideas as to what this could be ?

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