How to Decrypt a Sync'd Folder

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Am looking at this howto here:

I've done a test and can see my data is encrypted at the destination (both ends are Windows).  What I just do not get is if I need to recover the encrypted data how doI decrypt it?  I guess I decrypt on the destination server and then sync back or copy to usb for example?

Can anyone guide me on this please and the ctual process to decrypt?


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You can't decrypt an encrypted shared folder.

From the howto page:

   Encrypted node does not have decryption mechanism, so it cannot decrypt files.

When you create a "Encrypted Folder" share on device A, you get 3 keys (R/W, Read-only, Encrypted), the folder on device A is not encrypted and has the original data.

Now when you share the "Encrypted" key to device E, device E has encrypted data after fully synchronized. There's no way to decrypt this folder.

Backup the 3 keys.

You can always get the original data on device A.

If, for some reason, device A is gone (dead system or dead storage), you'll need a new device N, install Resilio Sync, then enter the R/W key (or the Read-only key), synchronize and get the original data on device N.

If your device A is gone, you don't have any other devices linked with R/W key or Read-only key,  and you lost R/W key and Read-only key, consider your original data is gone forever.

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