Android Syc Client not updating gallery

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I've been trying to use Resilio Sync to sync photos from one adroid phone to destination android phone.


File sync work perfectly but the problem is the destination Android phone will not acknowledge / update the newly synced photo to system.


So I have to wake up the destination phone, open up Google Photo.  Initially the photo will not show up, one need to wait a few sec to let the photo app detects there are newly synced photos.


I already enabled Autoupdate Gallery in both sending and receiving phone, but this doens't solve the problem.


For reference, when I use Syncthing all works great.  Destination phone will auto recognize the newly synced photo (even when screen off) and auto upload to google photo. 


Hope to sort out this as the UI is much better and friendly for Sync.

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Second on this issue.  Mine actually doesn't show the synced photos in any photo gallery apps(Google Photos is just the one of them), but I'm able to open the files manually from a file management app... It only populates in the Gallery when the MediaScanner service finallly decides to scan the directory. So the "Autoupdate Gallery" option is not working.  Running Android 11 on Pixel 2 XL.

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