Sync not working in android - Even when selective sync is turned off

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I have a folder created in my android phone (source) for syncing. When I create/move file in the directory, and view the folder, the new files are not added automatically. When I toggle the "selective sync" button off and on, all the new files are showing up and syncing automatically. Is there a way to fix this?

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Sync works just fine for me on 4 Android clients (Google Android, Samsung One UI, and LineageOS.)

On Android: Ensure Sync has folder read and write permissions for the synced folder, especially if that folder is on a microSD card. Without that, syncing will fail.

The foolproof way to deploy Sync (assuming you're a Pro user with an identity already set up) is this:

  1. Select a source folder. The folder may be empty or may have files in it. If it has files in it, wait for Sync to finish hashing them before adding any peers
  2. Add peers for that folder. Although official Support says destination folders don't have to be empty initially, in my experience it's best that they are empty
  3. Choose the sync type you want (Selective On or Off)
  4. Wait again for the initial sync to complete (especially if Selective Sync is off)

Once the above is done, you can add files to or remove files from the synced folder on any peer and the changes will show up on all peers (as fast as their respective network connections allow the changes to be transferred.)

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