Android Sync won't properly remove files from storage

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My setup:

(A) an Ubuntu Linux PC with resilio sync installed

(B) an Ubuntu Linux NAS with resilio sync installed

(C) an Android Smartphone with the resilio app installed

A, B and C all sync a folder called "Smartphone".

I'm using the folder to easily sync stuff from A to C without needing any cable. (B is only used as an always-on sync machine that is also being back-upped regularly.)

More specifically, I'm scanning medical bills on A, but my insurance only accepts digital bills submitted through their custom app, so I have to use C to send my bills to the insurance company.

So I'd scan a handful of bills on A, put them in the "Smartphone" folder, pick up C, start the insurance company's app, select the files in the "Smartphone" folder, submit them to the insurer, put down C.

After I'm done sending my scanned bills to the insurance, I remove the scanned files from the "Smartphone" folder, using the file manager on A.

After that, the cycle begins anew.

However, I regularly find *one* file from the previous sync remaining on C's local storage. If I remove 6 files, only 5 are actually removed and it appears that the newest (but this could be a random observation) of the bunch remains on C's storage. Also, the app on C doesn't show me the remaining file in its status view, so if I trust the resilio app, the file should be gone, but the file manager on C shows me that the "Smartphone" folder isn't empty as it is on A.

How do I help debugging this?

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It could be that the APP does not unlock the last edited file. Then this cannot be deleted either. I propose a test in a parallel and neutral environment to see whether the result is the same.

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