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Hi, I've been a user of this produce since it was called BT Sync :)

It is a great produce for sure, but it seems there there is no release for almost a year now. Don't get me wrong, version 2.7.2 works fine, but it is a little bit strange to not have a new release for such a long time. Could you (the developmen team) share a produce roadmap with us?

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I think, you get no answer from Resilio staff, unfortunately that became the rule here.

As license owner I use this version myself on all devices, except Android, where it is v2.6.4 and even older. I cannot confirm that the current version runs absolutely cleanly as in the starting time of that version. I have effects on the devices that I cannot assign, e.g. the number of scanned elements, after which I do not know correctly, everything is now synced. Or for me it is not sure if the software consider in all the jumps in the OS'n without any negative influence. Every bug fix, update, upgrade, security patch and everything that is there could have an impact. Accordingly, it can be read that there are malfunctions, e.g. software no longer starts, or, as in the case of Android, often simply freezes after starting.

The other thing is that the support service in the forum is basically no longer available, the people at Resilio no longer feel like it, no more time, that is incomprehensible. All in all, unfair, especially for license users like me. I had already described this elsewhere, in the Syncthing forum users keep coming in who say they are long-time Resilio users and don't want to continue like that condition. When I say things here, no one from Resilio answers. Likewise, when I say that Resilio will be to blame for being left behind by the competition, the same picture.

I feel like you, since BTsync, v1.2.128 I think I use it and since v1.4.111 also productively. I remember that very well because it already ran very well, also on my Synology NAS'n.

I don't know the reasons well enough either, in the end it is certainly a question of personnel capacities and money. Connect is now at v2.12.2, supposedly the engine should be the same. Nobody knows why there is no Sync v2.12.2. I find the users who have migrated and the changed image significantly more expensive compared to the perhaps more limited profit of Sync compared to Connect.

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