Automatically connect folders on NAS


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I just bought resilio pro. I have a couple of laptops and a NAS on my home network. 


How can I configure resilio so that my NAS automatically 'connects' all folders. 

I have enabled the default connect folder mode as 'Synced'





However I find that I still need to manually go into the GUI of all resilio devices and manually click the 'connect' button






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It seems the right way, what you show. If you connect with your devices to the same Master, e.g. NAS, all devices are connected to that Master and to all the Master shows the list of peers as above. If the "Default connect folder mode" is stated as shown, the connection is automated acording to the standard folder you have setted in the settings. The permissions must be setted, since is not possible for Resilio to connect to this folder.

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