Folder Error 32795

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Dear forum,

I recently bought a Synology 220+ and a Resilio Sync Home Pro license.

Synology 220+ works flawlessly (DSM 7.0). Resilio (2.7.2) works well on Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. However, when Resilio is running on the NAS, I get very annoying and undeterministic errors.

Consider the following case:

  • I want to sync a folder A with subfolders B,C,D

  • I start with "chown -R rslsync:users A" to make sure that there are no access right problems

  • When I add A to Resilio, I get the error "Folder Error 32795"

  • However, when I add separately B,C,D, they all mostly work (only some files can't be accessed)

How is that possible??

For B,C,D, the number of files that can't be accessed are:

  • B 0

  • C 2

  • D 500

i am puzzled, because the files that can't be accessed all have the right permissions. most of them are ~10MB pdf files with simple names.

I am very frustrated by this strange behaviour. I have no idea how to debug it.

Any suggestions?

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