Resilio on DSM 7.0 - WebGUI option to change listening port greyed out

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When using Resilio Sync on DSM 6 I was able to update and change my listening port using the WebGUI.  However, looking at DSM 7.0 the Listening port is grayed out and it says:

settings overwritten from config

This is happening for both the WebGUI Listening Port as well as the Connection Listening port

Is there any way to get back to being able to change this via the Web GUI or is my only option to manually edit the sync.conf file via SSH?



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Sync listening port is grayed out because it is defined in the configuration file sync.conf (and thus overrides the UI setting). To enable manual editing via UI you need to connect to the NAS via SSH and remove the setting  

"listening_port": 28889

from "sync.conf" file (respect the JSON-syntax, especially the comma in the previous line, that might be unnecessary after editing).

The file is located in the Sync Storage folder, which is placed differently in DSM6 and DSM7, see here:

After Sync restarts, changing the port manually should be available, but you must be sure the chosen port is free.

The failsafe and recommended way to change the listening port is via the SSH by editing of the configuration files and checking the port, as described in this article:

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