Download speed jumps up and down.


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Suddenly I don't get consistent download speed. It jumps up and down, from 1,4MB/s to 34MB/s.
Before I used to get an consistent high speed maxing out my 500/500 connection about 59mb/s from 0-100%.
No it jumps up and down up and down between high and low speed.

I tried updating the debug.txt file from "0" to "2" to "4"
Before I hade to force it to use "2" to force TCP but after an update it was reseted to "0" and no I don't get the high speed I use to have.

regards LL

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I am having the same issue as well.  This just started happening to me as well.  I wonder if the ISPs are throttling traffic though I am syncing via a Site to Site VPN Tunnel.  Or a recent  windows update is effecting performance.  Haven't rolled back but it is strange.

We have Optimum Business (Altice) Cable on 1 side and Google Business Fiber on the other side.


I should also mention we are sycning large files which range in size from 1GB to 10GB.  So they are not small files.  In addition we use to get upwards of 50-80MB/s transfer.  Now it is uploading 2-3MB/s for 1 or 2 seconds then stops transferring, then it starts again.  We may start looking at alternatives to at least test to see it improves with another tool.

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