Force TCP on DSM7 DS718+

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In DSM6 I needed to force TCP and edit the debug.txt file. To get consistent high speed.

Updated to DSM7 and the new Resilio app, No its seems to be screwed up again. Because can't get consistent download speed.. The speed peaks and bottoms out and peaks again.Anyone know where debug.txt is located on DSM7? And will it help to edit the debug.txt to force TCP ? 

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Hi....I had a comparable issue with my Rackstation RS814. Following a few hours attempting to recognize the issue I found that one of the hard drives on the cluster was awful. Shockingly the DSM framework was detailing it as "great" and "ordinary" so I was not suspecting any issues with hard drives. I saw this specific hard drive light marker was flickering more than the others, so I chose to check the "wellbeing data" of that hard drive in the capacity director and it gave me a blunder message telling it couldn't get to the drive. I didn't have any issues with different circles, so I chose to eliminate the plate from the unit. Despite the fact that the volume was in the "debased" state, everything returned to typical speed. I supplanted the terrible circle today and the framework is fixing the capacity pool, however all ordinary conduct.

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