unable to create new folder in gui when sync user only has group access rights


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Running the freebsd version 2.7.2 (1375) here.

I put the user sync is running on in a group and gave that rwx rights to a certain folder. Now whenever I try to create a new folder for a key with the WebGUI I get the error, that sync does not have permission to create a new folder (which is not correct).

I tested this manually, logging into the shell with the same user sync is running and tried to create that new folder, works fine.

So for instance

"su -m rslsync -c 'mkdir test'

works fine, but trying to create a new directory for a new key in this same directory in the webgui fails (see attached screenshots). 


If I try to create a new folder in a directory where sync has full access (as a user) everything works as intended.

So it seems to me the web gui does some silly checking if it is the owner of the directory instead of just creating the folder (which would just work).

Would be nice if you could fix that.





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