Resilio Sync gone from Google Play Store


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I’ve emailed support about this and they tell me that it has been removed and they’re working to fix it. A link was sent to download a version directly from Resilio servers:

Resilio Admins, please delete this if I’m not ok to share the link, but I think it would be very useful for your other users.

"Yes, it has been, and we are working to resolve it. Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA at the moment, but we'll do it asap. 
Meanwhile, please use this direct link to download apk. I suppose you have a more or less up-to-date Android device that supports the arm64 architecture."

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And still in version 2.6.4, why not at least version 2.7.2 there, which is basically also outdated, but not so long. And then on Google Play is stored "Updated 16. February 2022",

If at least the download link could be installed on the smartphone, then everyone would have the opportunity to install at least the not so old v2.7.2.

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link you provided gives 2.6.3 Android version. 

Latest on Google play was 2.6.4 - it was restored now. Also, new 2.6.5 was published, but roll out is not 100% so not all used will see it. Version 2.6.5 does not contain anything new compared to 2.6.4, apart from some internal things required by Google (apps' permissions). 

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