What is the proper workflow for adding large files to a synced folder via USB drive so I don't have to sync over wifi specifically for those files?


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To elaborate, I have one root folder that I share over Resilio from my desktop, and I use selective sync on my laptop to just grab what I need when editing video.

However, the issue I'm encountering right now is that I have 1TB of footage which I do not want to sync over wifi, but it needs to go into this same folder mentioned above. I'm basically trying to "shortcut" the sync process by copying directly from my USB drives that contain the footage.

I copied it to my desktop, then on my laptop I disconnected from this root folder on Resilio. Then I copied the footage from the USB to my laptop and reconnected. I expected that everything would just sync up and recognize that those files were already downloaded on both source (desktop) and destination (laptop) computers. However, it seems to just be throwing an error on my source machine "Can't download file" - and then when I look at the details it says ERROR_FILE_CHANGED - on my laptop, I have green checkmarks on everything.

Attempt to explain it more concisely: I just want to be able to occasional copy large footage files from video shoots over to both of my synced machines manually to save me from having to sync these over wifi. Most of my synced files are smaller, but in these larger cases it's not really reasonable for me to use wifi. What can I do to do it the "right" way, so that Resilio doesn't get confused or throw any errors when it sees the files already exist on one machine? I want to avoid having it delete and redownload files. I also don't want to have a million different directories in Resilio. This needs to happen within one single synced folder.

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