Sync selected folders on 2 remote synology NAS not working as expected

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Im very happy with some trials of what Resilio can do, especially compared to the sloppy Synology Drive sync app. 

But...I have one issue I cant solve.  I am syncing two remote synology NAS boxes.  Box A is the master, and Box B is remote, where I want to pull selected folders as needed to work remotely.  I don't need ALL the directories from Box A, but I need the selected directories to always sync correctly.


Box A is set to full sync, and Box B (remote) is set to selected sync.  This seems to work fine creating files and copying files around , but when I delete a folder on B it does not remove it from A.  In the console the folder has become Grey because it needs to be force re-synced.  When I do this, it replaces the deleted folder on B, with the folder from A.

Is there something I'm missing here?  The only way to work seamlessly back and forth on A and B is to set each for FULL sync.  But I don't want all the data from A clogging up B at the current time.

Anyone else experience this or have some mystic knowledge you can pass to me?


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That's really not an option unfortunately.  When working from home the local NAS is mapped to the same drive letter as the remote NAS when working remotely, so they are seamless.  But as I'm using software programs, directories are constantly being created and deleted via the software.  This causes chaos on the NAS with "selective sync".


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If this is not an option for you, then don't use RSL selective sync folder, switch to full sync folder, or find another app to sync. 

Really, your problem was: RSL selective sync folder does NOT work as you expected (to be frankly honest, what you expected was wrong).

If you don't use RSL's method to delete files, RSL will get confused and have to (incorrectly) guess what the real purpose of your action on a selective sync folder, you expected "delete these files on all devices", but from RSL's POV, it sees some files are missing from this selective sync folder but there are no place holders, this could be because this folder never got properly sync'ed.

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The post reads as if only one common directory exists at a time, A and B. It would make sense to cluster all content so that instead of just one shared directory on each Synology, there are e.g. 6, 10, 20 directories that are synchronized, or that there are corresponding subdirectories in A and B, etc. I would only use selective Sync for unproductive clients e.g. reading etc. as is often the case on a Smartphones.

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