Last version 2.7.3: unable to run on Synology NAS

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Good day


I have 3 Synology NAS (ds718+, ds415+, ds716+).

I tried install appropriate build (braswell, apollolake and avoton) of v2.7.3 (but on all NAS I got the same error message: 




All NAS are running with last available DSM 7.0.1-42218 upd 3:




Some help, please?

Thank you





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8 hours ago, Helen said:

looks like you downloaded braswell, apollolake and avoton packages for DSM6 and are trying to install them on DSM7? 
be sure to download package for DSM7.  Architectures braswell, apollolake and avoton for DSM7 are in package x64

Yes, you are right, I tried to install .spk's for DSM version 6.

I'm extremely sorry for my stupidity 🥵

Thank you very much,
Best regards

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