syncing a portable installation .exe file

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I want to use resilio sync to synchronize and entire program. 

Basically, I use a program for recording called "reaper" - 

I have had the same installation since 2006, all contained in one folder. When I get a new pc or hdd or if I reset windows, I simply take this folder and everything is set. 

Question one:

So, I have a studio desktop and a studio laptop. When I'm on the go, I might update the program. This should update just fine on the other computer, right? So far it seems to work, but if I install a new version sometimes the exe deletes itself from resilio. I think perhaps since the other pc is connected right away this is what might be happening: 

- I close reaper.exe

- I update reaper.exe

- in the process of updating, the update program deletes reaper.exe

- on the other computer, it deletes reaper.exe

- reaper.exe gets put back in, but one of the computers doesn't know it yet? 

I am only mentioning because it seems that sync might be rolling back my update or deleting the exe. I know this is an inelegant solution, but I could also prevent reaper.exe from syncing and only all the other support/config files could stay. 

Here is a pic of the folder structure (it's messy, but there are lots of ini files and plugin files which, again, are portable):


reaper.exe is only a small part of it. All the .ini files and templates, extensions, etc are important.


question 2: 

There is one file in here called vstplugins.ini

This plugin is used to list the various different plugins on a given system. It references files OUTSIDE of this folder. I plan on making all of those outside folders the same, but right now it isn't. When sync syncs up the folders, it seems reaper detects a NEW vstplugins.ini and when you start it on the other computer, it goes through a lengthy process of deeply scanning all folders. 

Is there a way that sync could pass this one up UNLESS it changes? 

This one is easily remedied by using selective sync and NOT syncing it, so no real problem here.

There are some threads on the reaper forums about some of these issues, tho not directly with resilio:


thank you! 


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I can perhaps only contribute something based on my experience.

I use around 60 portable programs whose operating data are usually managed in the same directory. I usually use these in restrictive environments, mostly in external companies that have strict firewall regulations. I continuously synchronize these directories on a server, which means that the current operating data, updates, etc. can always be uploaded and, if necessary, downloaded somewhere else in order to be able to work there as well.

I don't do the whole thing with Resilio, but with a very well-known P2P competitor. I have never experienced data being deleted, except on purpose or by a virus scanner, which may and primarily deletes and isolates EXE files. Then your reaper.exe might also be known as such and deleted.

In this respect I do not believe in a Resilio issue.

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