Problem for resilio write in folders mounted by rclone


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I'm using onedrive mounted by rclone, for resilio sync download storage, but almost all downloaded files can't be move from resilio's temporary folder (".sync" folder) to onedrive, and resilio shows the "Can't download file" state.image.png.6b882c510d6dd4fcd7fb6c75ebc27323.png
To avoid frequent uploads and downloads, I use local space for ".sync" folder, and mount onedrive for downloaded files' storage.
Resilio creates folders in onedrive properly at the beginning when downloading, and I can find a txt file and a jpg file downloaded correctly. But most files (Almost all files I download are PDF files) are stucked in ".sync" folder. They have not been correctly renamed and moved. I have tried to renamed a temporary file to a correct name extension, then it can be read.

The folder mounted by rclone have been given 775 rights as rslsync. But I have no idea why resilio can't finish the last rename&move step correctly.

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