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Just a question out of curiousity. First of all, I'm owner of a Sync Pro/Family license.

When I recently tried to link 2 desktop devices of someone else in my family (no license applied) I realized I could not find a way to link the identities. I compared with my device to make sure I didn't overlook it and it really wasn't there. Checked the feature list Free/Pro and found my explanation - available in Pro only.

However I just realized that I'm able to link some of my older mobile devices. I'm not using my main identity with the license on my mobile devices on purpose because I don't trust them the same way as my main devices in terms of security as well as data consistency (so many shared folders are read-only).

So those devices using a free license as well. However I am still able to share the identity.

So my question is: As the mobile version is still on 2.6 - was this feature removed only from 2.7? Or does this limitation generally just apply to the Desktop client?

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AFAIK, for a desktop client, when you apply your pro license, the client will be linked to other desktop clients under the common license, in other words, you won't be able to link free clients to your pro clients.

You don't really need to link your mobile devices if the only pro feature you want is "Selective Sync", because the free mobile client already has it. I chose to run free mobile clients (Android and iOS), I found this somehow works better for me: the mobile devices won't automatically see all shares from my linked desktop clients but most of them are not for mobile devices anyway.

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Yes, I'm doing the same. I have 2 identities:

(Main) Identity A, Pro license, Full access to all shared folders. Shared across mostly Desktop devices.

Identity B, no license, access to only a limited subset of all folders, a few of them read-only. Linking a few mobile devices which do not need access to many folders anyway (Windows applications on Android) and which have read-only access to most of the remaining ones. Principle of least privilege.


But my point is, as Identity B is running on a free license, I should not be able to link the devices as this is a Pro-only feature. I'm still able to link them. So my question again, was this moved to Pro only recently or does this limitation apply to Desktop builds only?

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