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I'm using RESILIO since was BTSYNC happily.

Today something strange happened.

I have around 10 peers located in various location under different ISP and network.

If two peers are inside the same subnet (same office for example) they can see each other ONLINE.

I checked and they are perfectly ONLINE but they don't show they are online from outside....

For example.... I have RESILIO on my phone.... NO PEERS ONLINE now (0 out of 10 peers)

But If I connect with OPENVPN to my office.... bang I can see two peers (the two servers) coming back online.

Then if I connect to either one web (192.168.1.* : 8888) I can see the other same subnet (lan) peer online including my phone.

I have 10 peers and from my computer, from my phone, etc.... they are not online....

But if I go and check one by one via VPN, they are online....

It's not a matter of my current internet connection because if I connect to office where I have two peers (both online, both can see each other), they can't see the other peers deployed in other locations as well.

In total I have currently 6 different ISP and the 10 peers are located in 3 countries....

Everything worked perfectly fine till yesterday night. I didn't do anything.... no auto update, nothing...

They simply can't go OUTSIDE of the LAN.....

Any help ?

Thanks in advance

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