Support for M1 on Mac coming eventually...?


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Hello, I'm a fan of Resilio Sync and evangelize it often, as the best tool for syncing files without sticking them on a huge server owned by some evil corporation. I couldn't help notice that the Mac version of Resilio Sync is still compiled only for Intel, and not a universal app (supporting the new M1 Mac chips). It'd be excellent for you guys to compile the app for M1, since that's the future of Macs, and already most of your users will be on M1 exclusively.  It should literally be a simple job of recompiling and a little testing.

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Are you running 2.7.3?  Seems like 2.7.3 is now universal.  When I check Activity Monitor, under Kind it says "Apple" and when I get info on the application it says "Kind: Application (Universal)".  I checked the change log for Sync but it doesn't even mention supporting M1 now so maybe it was a silent change?

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