Family Sync with One Windows Server

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I use a pretty beefy Windows 10 machine as a headless server (Plex, arrs) with boatloads of storage using drivepool. I have resilio installed as a service, syncing to my phone and laptop. I purchased a family pro plan.  It seems to me each family member would want to use the always on server as the “main” machine to which they similarly sync their phones and laptops.  How do I do that? Is there some way to run multiple instances of resilio on my Windows machine?  Is there a better way to do it? 

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Maybe the right answer is just to setup a “[Name] General” folder with each user that’s then shared with the user on the server. The server would have access to all four family folders, but none of four would have access to one another’s unless separately shared. 

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As a flexible long term solution:

Virtualize everything. Install Proxmox, create a LXC Container for your Samba shares. Create a LXC Container for Sync Person 1, create a LXC Container for Sync Person 2, ... create a LXC container for Plex, LXC container for handling your backups, ...

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