Ran sync.conf and successfully setup .sync in folder, but when syncing the contents are empty and nothing syncs


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I setup my folder to be added to sync ("/opt/guestBook/guestsRecordings"), and after executing the sync.conf config file, noticed the .sync folder added to the folder. However, when I used the read/write secret key that I generated for the config file, there were no files available to sync to my PC (even though the source linux system had files to sync). Hoping to use this .conf file to allow folder syncing by generating a new secret key each time, as opposed to configuring this each time using the webUI. Is there something I may be missing in order to get that folder/subfolders contents to show up during sync when just using the sync.conf file from what you can see in my file? 


For reference, I installed Sync on linux and made sure to set all applicable folder permissions and enabled automatic startup + sync of current user folders.


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