Packets Drop for All Devices on Network When Resilio is Running


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When I have Resilio running on any of my Windows 10/11 machines it will cause packet loss on my entire network. To test, I have had continues pings running on multiple networked machines, using stable IPs from Google and Cloudflare. The pings will have a continuous response until I start Resilio service on one of my computers. Then, all of the pings will have packet drops at the same time, as if all traffic on the router suddenly drops randomly.

To ensure I have no misconfigurations, I have port forwarding enabled on my router and points to the computer running Resilio (with the correct connection listening port). Windows firewall has the port open as well. I have tested both with UPnP port mapping on and off, and I do have UPnP enabled on my router. I have also tested with several global UL/DL limits set, including 1 and 10 MB/s (my ISP UL/DL speeds are 1gbit/40mb), but that shouldn't matter since the computers are only connecting over my local network anyway.

I also purchase two brand new $350 & $450 routers, originally thinking the issue was with my existing equipment, and the problem persists with those routers as well. The only way to stop the packets from dropping during a ping test is to stop the Resilio service. The moment I stop it, the packets are delivered 100% again.

I have searched extensively on the support forums and was unable to find anyone with a similar issue. Thank you so much for any suggestions you have.

ping packet loss.jpg

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