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OK, my config is I have a home pc, a laptop and a NAS drive, all on the same network. If I work on a file on my PC, I want it to be synch'd on bot the NAS (always on) and the laptop the next time it is turned on. 

I need things to be two-way sync as I might create files on my laptop when away from my home and want all synch'd when I next connect.

But what happens if say I delete a file from my home PC but the laptop is not online. I would hope the file will be deleted from the NAS as this is on, but if the laptop is turned on, won't it look like a file exists on it that should be copied to the NAS and PC ? Otherwise, who keeps control of what is waiting to be deleted from the laptop? 

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Every client keeps a list of recent timestamped changes it sent or received with other peers, just make sure all your devices' system time accurate, RSL will be able to figure out that your laptop hasn't been on / updated for a while and should be synchronized accordingly (including deleted files).

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