How to sync folders on 2 Synologies

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I want to sync an existing folder on DS 418 to a folder with same name on an old DS414j.

As Drive is not supported on the old DS 414j (DSM6) I found Resilio sync as alternative


I do not fully understand the concept behind.

Can You Pls. Help to achieve the sync with existing to new folder between The 2 Synologys.

I have installed Resilio Sync package on both Synos.

I don't want a Trial an error scenario, therefore I Hope for a step by step GUID for the next steps.

What To-Do on DS418

What To-Do on DS414j

Where to open Resilio Sync? On DS 418 or DS414j (or both)

What to put where to get the 2 folders in sync.

What's about Identity - same on both Synos? - or different?

Hope all Infos are understandable, and you can figure out what I mean.

Many THX for patience helping a Newbie 🙂


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It's pretty hard (and not a good idea) to sync 2 existing un-related folders on different devices, you probably would end up with results that you didn't expect.

I suggested that you do this:

1. Create a new empty folder on 1 NAS, share it to the other NAS as "NewShare";

2. from NAS1, move its "existing folder" into the "NewShare" folder, NAS2 should be receiving the files inside this folder;

3. from NAS2, move or merge its "existing folder" into the "NewShare" folder.

Eventually both NASes should have all files.

I would just rename NAS1's existing folder to "NAS1_existing", NAS2's existing folder to "NAS2_existing", and move them to the sharing folder.

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