Trying to setup Sync; having troubles


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I have a Resilio Sync Home Pro- Family license.  I have had it up and syncing my Android Cell phone photos (SDCard\DCIM\Camera) to my Desktop PC (C:\Users\name\Resilio Sync\) for almost a month now.  Then I added my wife's Android cell phone so that it would sync to the desktop PC as well. 

That *WAS* working well enough- until I thought I would modify the setup.  It gave me two folders with the same name:  "Camera" and 'Camera(1)'.  Not identifiable enough for our usage. 

Once I added the second cell phone I had two "Camera" folders on the Sync Cell phone ap.  I thought I would just rename those folder directories from Camera, and Camera to 'EricsCamera' and 'BarbarasCamera' respectively.  The ap enabled me to do this renaming- so I did.  Wrong.  Now it is not syncing new cell phone photos from either cell phone- to my desktop PC.  The desktop PC is Windows 10.  

At this point I do not know how to correct the situation.      

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Update:  I am making progress.  I have uninstalled and now reinstalled on both my Desktop PC and my Android device.  One of my 2 Android devices is syncing nicely!  Now to add my other Android device and see how to name that sub directory.  I really like the RESILIO SYNC application- even though I was having such troubles with it recently.  Thanks much! 

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